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Here are some of the common questions regarding our services

What is Domainfila?

A quick new search engine called Domainfila can be used to identify available domain names. By combining your search term with other phrases that are frequently used in domain names, we can quickly identify which domain names are available for registration.

How accurate are the results?

Despite being highly quick, our search method is only around 95% accurate, which means that only about 1 in 20 of the search results are actually registered. Domainfila will confirm that a domain name is still available when you click on one that is listed as being available. If it isn't, it will be marked as unregistered and won't show up for you or anybody else. In this manner, the search results improve with time.

How much does it cost?

Use of Domain Search is totally free.

How do you make money?

We make money when you use the registration links we provide to buy a domain name.

Why can't I include number or hyphens in my search terms?

Domain names must be allowed What's known as a "radio test," or would people have trouble finding it if they heard the domain name on the radio? The issue with numbers is that it's not always obvious whether they need to be written out or not. Consider anything like "painball-1source" as an extreme example. Would you know that there is a hyphen or a number 1 in it if you heard that on the radio but the announcer did not spell it out (and they shouldn't have to)? Most likely not. How likely are you to remember it even if the announcer spells it out? Although there are some significant exceptions, numerals and hyphens generally generate confusion, which will diminish

Do you use our search data to register your own domain names?

No, we will never use your searches to help us or anyone else register domain names.
The only people that should benefit from your searches are you and anyone you share the results with.